Patrolling With Horses

What is this?

The expression “patrolling with horses” encompasses several different jobs: Republican guard, green guard… Whether in urban and rural areas, they have the same goal: To maintain order on horseback.



The missions:

© E. Rousseaux - Paris Eiffel Jumping 2016

© E. Rousseaux – Paris Eiffel Jumping 2016

The work of horses in patrolling is highly varied: surveillance, action, education, crackdown… These missions range from mediation in disadvantaged areas to surveillance in protected spaces, via prevention and information. Its sheer height makes a horse impressive and therefore commanding of respect. But over and above all else, it appeals to people and enhances contact with the population.

Eco-patrols perform surveillance in natural sites by observing the surroundings, identifying issues, and warning of any damage to the landscape. Within a natural park setting, they can welcome and inform the public. The equestrian brigades of the Office Nationale des Forêts (French national forestry commission) monitor forested areas, especially during the summer season.

 Mounted police carry out security work and maintain public order. They carry out patrols in rural areas, in parks, and sometimes even in city centers. The officers who belong to the Garde Réublicaine (France’s ceremonial honor guard) are also in charge of security for VIPs ,and are present at ceremonial occasions.

Please note that Boulonnais, Percheron, and Cob Normand heavy horses are all used by mounted police, and the Garde Républicaine’s drum horses are Percherons.





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