SFET has created commercial subsidiary Equid’Export to facilitate international relations, encourage the export of working horses as well as French know-how in training and using horses.

Equid’Export works alongside buyers in their undertakings and projects : selecting horses, equipment, administrative and sanitary requirements, and the training of those involved.


Horse sales

Equid’Export is used to export draft horses, regional horse breeds or donkeys and mules.

– It organizes presentations and trips to select animals

– Ten Equid’Export grouping and quarantine centers have been set up across France to enable pooling and necessary sanitary procedure before export.

Breeding equines and semen sales

– Major catalog of stallions for the main French breeds with the possibility of direct export either of the stallions, or semen. In both cases, management of the necessary sanitary protocols for the French stallions according to the importing country.

– Network of qualified participants for the treatment and export of frozen semen (Breton public interest group, IFCE, Reproductive center, AI center).

Horse Meat


– Export for horses born and bred for horse meat

– Pooling, fattening and quarantine center in France, so that horses can be prepared according to the buyer’s specifications.

– Setting up processes that enable us to respect the most stringent protocols.

– Application of “piro-control” (piroplasmosis control) certification