Auxois Draft

Origins/Breeding Area:

SFET AuxoisClosely related to the Ardennais type, the Auxois is the result of crossing local “Bourgignons” (from Burgundy) mares and Ardennes and Trait du Nord stallions, with also some Percherons and Boulonnais infusion included, during the 19th century.

Nowadays, only breeding stock registered in the Trait Ardennais stud book, a recognised Trait Ardennais overseas stud book, the Trait du Nord stud book ,or a recognised overseas Trait du Nord studbook can be used for cross breeding.

The Auxois region which includes the whole of the south-west of the Côte d’Or (in Burgundy), stretching to some extent into the Yonne, Saône et Loire, as well as the Nièvre


The Auxois breed was recognised in 1913.

Number of Births:

In 2018: 99 births

In 2017: 95 births

In 2016: 108 births

In 2015: 111 births


© Olivier Bernard – Equiphoto


Stallions/Geldings: 1.54m (16.1h) to 1.72m (17.0h)

Mares: 1.63m (16h) to 1.70m (16.3h)


Mainly: Bay to roan

Sometimes: Chestnut to red roan

Acceptable: Steel grey and bay black


Known for its sturdiness and easy to handle character, ut combines power and flexibility


Originally used exclusively for agricultural work, the Auxois is proving useful once more in specialised agricultural uses: such as vineyards, logging, organic farming, market farming, etc. and is developing new uses as a driving horse adapted to modern needs and a leisure society.

© Olivier Bernard – Equiphoto

© Olivier Bernard – Equiphoto

Sources: IFCE, National Breed Organisation

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